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by Tina Fey

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The more I listened, the more I appreciated Tina's sense of humor. Her honesty concerning the perception of women and motherhood in today's world was transparent and something she has obviously earned by experience.

My Lovely Wife
by Samantha Downing

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The ending was a little but of surprise- but I had a feeling from early on about what was going to happen! Still pretty good though

At First Sight
by Nicholas Sparks

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This was a cheesy read, but I wanted something light and simple. I was reminded that I have always felt like either a) Nickolas Sparks is a male pen name for a female writer or b) Nicholas Sparks is patronizing to women readers, reaching beyond belief to make his male characters impossibly and unbelievably sensitive. Parts of the book were predictable and after the initial conflict was resolved with another 150 pages to go I was not quite prepared for the ending. That’s all I’m going to say, so I don’t spoil it. An easy guilty pleasure read that sometimes made me want to gag.

The Beautiful Mystery
by Louise Penny

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I love this series. The characters grapple with real personal issues in their own lives while also exploring an interesting crime. The break in Gamache's relationship with his second in command made me eager to read the next book in the series.

The Book of Longingins
by Sue Monk Kidd

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An interesting premise, and the author explains her theory that she is just extrapolating an "alternate version of accepted reality"; HOWEVER I personally believe her imagining of Jesus as a married man was offensive. I found the book a veiled heralding of feminism, as the widow then becomes a head abbess of a community where she embraces Sophia, the feminine facet of godhood. . .

Company Man
by Joseph Finder

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This was a little slow starting but it got very good.

Wife Stalker
by Liv Constantine

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Excellent thriller. Keeps you guessing until the very end.

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